Discover what everyone’s talking about…the NutriBullet

With magazines from Glamour to Marie Claire, lifestyle bloggers and even the staff in BHS’ Head Office talking about the NutriBullet, we thought it was about time to discover what all the fuss was about. Firstly, you are probably asking what exactly is a NutriBullet? Well, if you look at the website where they describe… Read more

New Season Line-Up

Your New Season Line-Up

It’s finally back. (You can relax now.) That great time of the year where you can happily block out the world for hours watching Soccer Saturday and finally have a (good) excuse to escape the kids for a few hours with your friends has returned. And, in celebration of the start of the season –… Read more

Holiday Essentials

5 Holiday Essentials For Everyone In The Family

Getting the entire family packed, ready and to the airport in time is stressful enough, but fear not! We’ve created a definitive list of the all things you need to pack with easy links so you can get everything you need to check-in in a couple of clicks. FOR MUM: 1. Maxi Dress.  Hint: you will wear… Read more


The Great British Bake Off Is Back! Baking-Inspired Homeware Buys

Whisks at the ready, The Great British Bake Off is back! Yep, our favourite judges return to our screens tonight to scrutinise this year’s batch of amateur baker’s soggy bottoms, signature loaves and flaky pastries. Of course, we’re also thrilled to welcome back the always-brilliant duo Mel and Sue, providing contestants with much-needed support and… Read more

BHS scarf necklace tourquise

Trend On Trial: Mummy Fashion Bloggers Style Scarf Necklaces

We’re super excited about the new Scarf Necklace collection that hit the site as part of our Spring Summer 2014 collection. But don’t just take our word for it, we roped in two mummy fashion bloggers to show us how they’ll be styling theirs – from shopping trips and casual brunches to a day at… Read more


Swimwear to Suit your Shape

 Summer is on it’s way and that can only mean 3 things: Sun, Sand and…Swimwear! Yes, it’s that time when we all rifle through our drawers and dig out mismatched bikinis and faded one –pieces from summers past in the hope we won’t have to venture out and buy more…but of course we always do…. Read more

BLOG_Article_Bras_235x240 (1)

Did you know? 10 Facts About Bras (and boobs)

To celebrate the start of our Bra Fit event we wanted to find out more about that area of women’s bodies that generates so much attention and intrigue. Images of women in undergarments, topless or in bras have been around since ancient times, so what is it about breasts that people are so interested in?… Read more


Divine Chocolate to Cherish

 There’s a small chocolate company that’s making a big splash – and the ripples are spreading around the world. It’s called Divine, and we’re delighted to announce you can now discover their chocolate in BHS cafes, the perfect treat with your relaxing cup of tea or coffee. We had a chat with Divine to find… Read more


New Season Style: 1 Floral Dress 3 Ways

It happens to us every year – we get an invite to a wedding, garden party or other summer event then rush out and buy a new (usually quite expensive) dress, only to wear it once and forget all about it. Well, not this year! We’re going to show you how to make your summer… Read more